You don’t want to miss Cisco Live 2024; we’re not only honing your existing skills and knowledge, but we’re introducing new and exciting themes that will help you build skills for your future to achieve your career goals.

This week at Cisco Live Las Vegas, June 2–6, 2024, we’re embracing that future with anything and everything to do with AI, Cloud, Security, and of course, Automation, all of which are front runners in the future of your work.

Let’s take a look at the details surrounding these important themes:


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay

It isn’t just a sci-fi movie concept anymore. AI is here, and it’s becoming a valuable part of our work and our lives, helping us to be more efficient and productive. As part of today’s workforce, learning about how you can use AI to grow your career and your business is paramount.

“At its best, AI is an effective partnership between humans and machines, underscoring the need for companies to find the right talent for their IT investments,” said Par Merat, Vice President, Cisco Learning & Certifications, in her latest AI blog,. She points to an Upwork survey that reported “GenAI job posts on the platform were up more than 1,000%, and GenAI-related job searches were up more than 1,500% in the second quarter of 2023.”

Building on Cisco’s guiding role to help design AI-optimized infrastructure, Cisco Learning & Certifications can provide the training you need to build AI skills and achieve AI outcomes, whether it’s running AI on Cisco Infrastructure or in Cisco technologies.

Join us in the Cisco U. Theater to learn how you can leverage AI:

You can also sign up to attend one of these scheduled sessions on AI.

AI Tutorials

When you’re done exploring Cisco Live sessions, learn more through two tutorials from Cisco Learning & Certifications about how GenAI can shape network engineering and operations:

  • Tutorial #1: Create a ChatGPT Client with PythonThis beginner tutorial gives learners a way to create their own chatbot with AI; they’ll learn the basics of AI, Python, ChatGPT, and prompt engineering.
  • Tutorial #2: Chatting with Cisco IOS XEThis intermediate tutorial introduces learners to modern AI developer tools, including Cisco pyATS, ChatGPT, Langchain, ChromaDB, and Streamlit.


Get your head in the cloud!

Did you know that 85% of companies from a Gartner survey will have containerized applications in production by 2025? From a CIO survey, 80% of enterprises already have a multicloud strategy. In fact, a Cisco 2022 Global Hybrid Cloud Trends Report says 93% of organizations now operate in a multicloud environment.

Distinguished Customer Experience Engineer Joe Clarke reports these statistics in his latest blog, which highlights three new Cisco multicloud certifications that prove your sixth-grade teacher was wrong; it’s good to have your head in the clouds!

These specialist certifications validate expertise in cloud-enabled technologies and provide a certification that sets you apart from other network cloud professionals, giving you a competitive edge in the job market. You can earn a Cisco Multicloud specialist certification as a standalone certification or combine it with a related core Cisco professional exam to earn a CCNP professional-level certification.

Here’s a brief snapshot of the new certs:

  • Cloud Connectivity Specialist Certification | 300-440 ENCC
    Validate your knowledge of designing and implementing cloud connectivity, including architecture models, IPsec, SD-WAN, operation, and design.
  • Secure Cloud Access Specialist Certification | 300-740 SCAZT
    Validate your knowledge of designing and implementing cloud security architecture, user and device security, network and cloud security, application and data security, visibility and assurance, and threat response.
  • Enterprise Network Assurance Specialist Certification | 300-445 ENNA
    Assess your knowledge of network assurance design and implementation, including platforms and architecture, data collection and implementation, data analysis, as well as insights and alerts.

Here’s your chance to save money too! This Cisco Live is the first to offer all three of these new certifications. Attendees can get 50% off when they schedule an exam on site.

Join us in the Cisco U. Theater to learn more about multicloud’s place in your business.

You can also sign up to attend one of these scheduled sessions on Cloud Native or Hybrid Cloud.


Guarding the gates—always a priority

Along with our growing use of AI and the cloud comes . . . you guessed it—security. Now more than ever, security is at the top of almost every IT priority list for CEOs and CIOs, especially network security and cybersecurity.

Cisco Learning & Certifications has your back with entry-level to expert training, building your skills to help you safeguard data, mitigate risks, respond to threats, and design robust security postures that defend against attacks.

One of those new certifications is the Secure Cloud Access specialist certification, which we developed for Network and Security professionals who actively ensure that network experiences and policies remain consistent.

You can earn Secure Cloud Access as a standalone specialist certification or combine it with the Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies exam to achieve a CCNP Security Professional certification. Learn more about this cert through Cisco U.

Join us in the Cisco U. Theater to learn more about protecting your business.

You can also sign up to attend one of these scheduled sessions on Security.


Automate, streamline, simplify

With automation as part of our work, education, and lives, it’s hard to imagine how we ever survived without it! Automation plays a key role in configuration, provisioning, scalability, and software management, so we can streamline and simplify processes and reduce the risk of human error. In today’s hybrid IT framework, automation is essential to stay in sync with business demands.

Join us in the Cisco U. Theater to learn more about improving efficiency through automation.

You can also sign up to attend one of these scheduled sessions on Automation.

Just remember, your future is our business—embrace it with us at Cisco Live. We’re looking forward to building the foundations that will help you reach your tech career goals!

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