Monique Rose

Learning Partner Program Manager


As a Manager for Learning Partner Program, I bring key GTM strategies to life to empower our Learning Partners to deliver courses that enhance the Cisco Customer Lifecycle. I have years of experience working with Cross - functional teams to deliver a Learning Partner Program that benefits our Learning Partners as well as Cisco.


October 20, 2023


Learning Partner Strategies Can Add Movement and Balance on Your Journey

Learning Partners can help you make the most of your learning and certification journey, stay aligned, and on track towards achieving your tech career goals.

June 23, 2023


Learning Partners and Cisco Certifications Turn Wishes to Solid Plans

Cisco Learning Partners are the "travel agents" of Cisco Certifications, enabling tech learners to navigate industry demands and build a strategic path forward to a rewarding tech career.

January 26, 2023


5 Ways Cisco Learning Partners Pave the Path to Customer Success

Cisco Learning Partners offer more learning options than ever before, following the "Age of the Partner" keynote directive from this year's Cisco Partner Summit to offer fast, flexible, simple learning solutions.

October 12, 2022


5 Ways Cisco Learning Partners Make Your Life Easier

Discover the end-to-end learning experience around certifications, solution-based training, content development, and customized training plans with the Cisco Learning Partner Program.