Akhila Pamukuntla

Software Engineer

Learning and Certifications

I joined Cisco initially as a Graduate Technical Intern, which was only for the summer of 2021. Contrary to my background in Data Analysis, I joined the Infrastructure team. Unexpectedly, my internship journey continued for a year until August 2022 when I joined the team as a full-time Software Engineer. I'm a strong believer in 'Never stop learning,' especially in Technology where learning is a never-ending expectation. Being open to change has bought me to Cisco and ever since, learning has been part of my daily routine. I hold a Master's degree in Business Analytics with a concentration in Data Analytics.


August 29, 2023


My Experience as a First-Time Cisco Live Speaker

8 min read

When Akhila stepped into tech, she never expected to present at Cisco Live so early in her career. Little did she know, the experience as a Cisco Live speaker would surpass all of her expectations.

March 3, 2023


Learning as a Lifestyle

5 min read

Learning taught her its most valuable lesson when she least expected it. Akhila shares how she broke down knowledge barriers and transformed her tech career beyond what she thought possible—and how you can, too.