Emily Crawford

Vice President - Americas, Midwest-Atlantic

Global Enterprise Sales

Emily Crawford is the Vice President of Global Enterprise Sales, Central Area. In her current role, Emily is responsible for sales to 123 of Cisco’s largest global customers headquartered throughout the Central Midwest geography. The Enterprise Central Area has consistently achieved product and services bookings over $2B while increasing customer satisfaction. Emily’s team drives account strategy, customer satisfaction, and business alignment with these clients. As a 13-year Cisco veteran, Emily has a proven track record of producing results and increasing customer intimacy by driving change with balanced risk. Her approach includes an emphasis on alignment with customer business goals while leveraging the combined value of Cisco’s lifecycle capabilities to improve customer outcomes. Emily’s sales career began at Sun Microsystems after graduating Summa cum Laude from Duke University. She relocated to New York City to work with emerging dotcom companies and later worked with customers across many industry verticals. In 2007, Emily joined Cisco as a Global Account Manager, responsible for two large global financial companies in New York. Her success in aligning technology enablement with her customers’ business objectives followed her into the Regional Manager role a few years later. While serving as Regional Manager, Emily completed her MBA at Columbia University in New York. Emily then held Sales Director roles in both the northeast and the southeast US for Cisco’s largest Enterprise customers and most recently led the Web sales team in the SF bay area. Her strength in leading global teams and coaching sales professionals has contributed to her teams’ success.


January 27, 2023


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Future business success requires that we develop our leaders differently. Instead of teaching people by showing examples, we need to teach them in the moment as we tackle trade-off decision-making.

May 18, 2022


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April 9, 2021


Hannover Messe 2021: What’s next for Manufacturing?

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Is your factory ready to meet demand as people return to work? Workforce enablement solutions like Cisco Webex Expert on Demand help manufacturers spread their resources across multiple facilities, enabling one remote expert to cover them all in a centralized location. Join our Hannover Messe keynote on Industry 4.0 and find out what's ahead for industrial pioneers.