inclusive future

March 23, 2022


Meeting Europe’s 2030 Digital Decade Targets

Cisco’s vision for powering the internet of the future looks to close the digital divide. We explore the results of Cisco's latest Broadband Index and why Europe’s 2030 Digital Decade targets are so important.

How this IoT device from charity: water could advance water access for billions

With billions of people around the world relying on hand pumps to get water, nonprofit charity: water developed a device to create more access.

March 18, 2022


How Our Desire for Sustainability will Shape Hybrid Work

When work is no longer a place we go, but what we do, our choices make a difference. The cross-section of hybrid work and sustainability is an opportunity for doing good. And doing good is good for business.

On International Women’s Day, Cisco supports Kiva in empowering women to become financially independent

On this International Women’s Day, Cisco is honoring women by supporting Kiva’s campaign to fund $5.5 million USD in loans to women worldwide.

How Opportunity International empowers financial inclusion through digital banking

Opportunity International continues to widen their reach and deepen their impact to empower people living in poverty to build resilience and economic security.

February 25, 2022


Diversifying our Partner Ecosystem – Building an Inclusive Partner Organization

As a leader in Cisco, my focus is on building and growing the business through our global ecosystem of partners. We evaluate how we impact environmental and critical social factors that drive business outcomes. We then drive change and bridge inequity gaps by using our technology, extended ecosystem, and our expertise to create more opportunities for more people.

Influencing our ecosystem to promote racial justice

Foundational to Cisco's Social Justice framework is Social Justice Action 1. Learn how we are ensuring equal rights for AA/Black people.

Aleta Howell champions diversity and the OneTen initiative to increase representation and inclusion

Aleta Howell, Cisco Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lead, and her team champion the OneTen coalition to increase diversity and inclusion at Cisco.

World Day of Social Justice: Cisco Networking Academy builds a more inclusive future for workforce development

Learn how Cisco Networking Academy's programs and partnerships align with the aspirations of the United Nations World Day of Social Justice.