Denise Lee

Vice President

Engineering Sustainability Office

Denise Lee is Vice President for Cisco’s Engineering Sustainability Office where she leads a team that is defining Cisco’s long-term sustainability vision and roadmap, building new business blueprints and embedding prototype offers across multiple portfolios. She and her team collaborate across every function of the business to develop and create integrated capabilities that serve as the foundation to incubate and scale sustainable products that accelerate the journey to net zero for Cisco, its customers and partners. In her prior role as VP, Customer Solutions Marketing, Denise was responsible for product marketing, unifying the voices of engineering, sales, and marketing into a singular story to position Cisco’s portfolio roadmap and market development through thought leadership. She set strategy and led a cross-functional ecosystem chartered with breathing life into the benefits customers can expect from their Cisco investments and solutions adoption. As a Silicon Valley native steeped in the start-up culture and enterprise mind-set, Denise is an accomplished leader, with experience spanning business strategy and operations, product marketing, global sales strategy and planning, global operations and customer support. Skilled at interconnecting diverse points of view in a highly matrixed environment, Denise builds and transforms organizations to accelerate growth. Denise is a transformational leader inspired by purpose, driven by large scale impact, and dedicated to building world-class teams. Her interests in sustainability and renewable energy, global health, and aiding those in our local communities sustain her mission to complement corporate growth with social giving. Denise holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.


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