Tools simplify processes, create organizational efficiencies, and help individuals achieve goals. There are many tools in the market that can help organizations with talent sourcing and assist with job searches – but Cisco offers one to their strategic partners and customers that is free and has many benefits. The Cisco Talent Bridge program simplifies talent sourcing and job searches by providing such a tool. The Cisco Talent Bridge Matching Engine is an accessible, web-based platform, available in 18 languages, purpose-built to connect diverse candidates to job opportunities.

We strive to facilitate a bridge to connect diverse employers as well as candidates. By leveraging our global partnerships and working internally with Cisco teams who have the same mission, we are able to come together for one common goal – to build a more inclusive workforce.

Advocating for Equity in Hiring

By using the unbiased algorithm of the Matching Engine platform, we aim to serve up the best people for the job requisition. However, we realize unconscious bias can still crop up and influence hiring and promotion decisions. In working and communicating with employers across the ecosystem we encourage two different tactics to overcome this potential pitfall. One, they should have a diverse hiring committee and two, by having a diverse workforce they will have a more profitable workforce. Research shows that if you assemble a workforce of people that look, act, think, and behave differently, you are more likely to have a more successful and profitable organization.

“At Cisco, our purpose is to Power an Inclusive Future for All; one way we do this is through the Talent Bridge program. We want all people to have equitable access to resources, including employment options available through our program. Talent Bridge removes bias and promotes a skills-based hiring approach, connecting employers with qualified candidates from diverse communities who are often overlooked. These candidates offer distinctive skills and valuable perspectives that can benefit organizations in remarkable ways,”
-Kelly Jones, Chief People Officer, Cisco

Sourcing Candidates from Diverse, Tech-Skilled Backgrounds

Equally important is ensuring that our strategic employers find reliable talent through the Matching Engine platform. We realize there are vast communities of talented individuals who are underrepresented in the tech world, so we actively partner with our peers to direct talent into our pipeline.

We meet the candidates where they are, such as participating in military career fairs, supporting diversity conferences, and engaging refugee organizations. This is done through a multi-faceted approach, including in-person participation, virtual presentations in global webinars, and even direct integration into programs such as Cisco Networking Academy and Cisco Learning Network.

While our candidates come from a variety of communities, 77% have at least a 2-year degree or higher education level. We offer candidates the opportunity to feature certifications on their profile and 26% of our active candidates have indicated they have at least one certification. When recruiters use the platform, they can focus on specific candidate profiles that match the job requirements they’ve posted and sort them further by using our filtering process.

Connecting Tech Talent to Employers

Employers on the platform are from our Cisco ecosystem, representing small and large companies in all types of industries. They encompass our Channel and Distribution Partners, customers, and strategic employers. These companies sell, install, support, and utilize Cisco products globally.

Candidates who work with these employers are ultimately exposed to the latest, most advanced technological solutions. We provide a platform which optimizes the job search process with robust filtering, opportunity sorting, and the ability to showcases certifications.

By providing a platform that bridges the gap between candidates and employers, we are supporting a more inclusive experience for those seeking employment.


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Trent Dorroh

Head of Talent Bridge Program

People & Communities