data center

December 13, 2016


Containers Hold an Agile Approach to Data Center Virtualization

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, container is a noun, and is defined as a receptacle for holding goods. Alternatively, it also means, a portable compartment in which freight is placed (as on a train or ship) for convenience of movement. In this blog, I’ll be talking about containers in the networking sense and the important […]

December 5, 2016


Global Data Center Growth: Supporting the Next Data Deluge

Data centers house servers, physical or virtual, that provide storage, communications, and networking to the growing number of networked devices, users, and business processes in general. The growing importance of data analytics—the result of big data coming from ubiquitously networked end-user devices and IoT alike—has added to the value and growth of data centers. We […]

November 22, 2016


AWS or Private Cloud or both, what’s your strategy?

Well we just opened up a hornet’s nest didn’t we?! Our recent announcement of the new Cisco UCS S-Series Storage Server definitely caused a stir in the industry. We launched into the emerging scale out storage market with a broad ecosystem of solution partners backed by amazing customers like Cirrity and Green Cloud who use […]

November 18, 2016


The Cloud Journey: Moving from Adoption to Greater Optimization and Utilization

Cloud computing has become the virtual bedrock for today’s business and consumer applications as well as future offerings on the service horizon. Cloud plays a pivotal role in digital transformation and has literally reshaped global data centers. While this is widely understood, I believe the real challenge for cloud providers, businesses and consumers in 2016 […]

November 11, 2016


Now what? 5 ways to capture momentum after the big event

My notebook is filled with inspiration, actions, ideas, and scuttlebutt from Partner Summit. I bet yours is too! Here are five things to do next (and share with your team)....

November 10, 2016


Big Data is Big Business for Quantium

According to IDC, the big data market, including services such as analytics, is expected to reach nearly $50 billion by 2019. Luckily for Quantium, data is in its...

November 10, 2016


Discovering Data Centers: What’s Really Happening Behind Those Closed Doors?

In the newly updated Cisco Global Cloud Index (GCI), we identify three of the seven key trends that help demystify the largely proprietary world of data centers and cloud computing.

November 8, 2016


Is polling data big data? A back-of-the-envelope calculation

For the past year Americans have read about polling data almost daily, so the casual observer may be forgiven for thinking there are mountains and mountains of data being collected to help make sense of this year’s unusual election. The truth is, though, that polling data is not big data, either in volume, velocity, or […]