Cisco has a strong history of entering data center markets and driving industry transformation. We are continuing that momentum with Cisco HyperFlex Platform for Multicloud. In just over a year since Cisco shipped its first Cisco HyperFlex system, we have achieved #3 in worldwide market share based on IDC Market Tracker for Q3 CY17, bypassing many of the established competitors in the hyperconverged infrastructure [HCI] market.

We are not stopping now. Cisco announced new platform innovations for Cisco HyperFlex that extends operational simplicity to any application, on any cloud, at any scale.

We Get the Data Center
The data center landscape is evolving at an accelerated pace with applications at the heart of this digital transformation, demanding support for mission critical, shrink-wrapped software while needing to accelerate modern distributed application development. At the same time, customers are asking for a simple and automated approach to multicloud – without committing to one provider.

Cisco delivers a complete approach, and the industry is recognizing we’re on to something good. Cisco HyperFlex is a high performance, policy-based hyperconverged platform, combining network, compute, and storage, and posting industry leading results. This latest 3.0 software release builds on our superior architecture with new cloud services, bringing simplicity to the multicloud data center.

Built for Mission Critical Workloads
Our Cisco UCS customers have come to expect superior performance and we have consistently delivered, achieving 130 world record performance benchmarks – and Cisco HyperFlex is no exception. Enterprises are now running every type of workload on our HCI solution, supporting a broader array of applications, including mission critical ERP workloads, such as SAP, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle databases. Our published benchmark for Cisco HyperFlex is the only SAP SD benchmark tested on an HCI cluster, out ahead of our bare-metal-server-only competition.

It is game on and we are moving fast. As we migrate our customers to Cisco HyperFlex, we are seeing them achieve rapid deployment and lower TCO, significantly impacting their business’ bottomline.

“With Cisco HyperFlex, our total hardware investment has dropped by 15%, alongside a 30% reduction in service and management. This has dramatically reduced TCO and improved ROI, allowing for more focus on business innovation.”
– Qi Li R&D director and CIO, Leacheng Apparel Group

Cisco Continues to Lead the Way
This is an exciting time to be in Cisco data center, as we continue to announce game-changing innovations to simplify and deliver multicloud to our customers. Whether it’s this latest Cisco HyperFlex announcement, or with Cisco Intersight, streamlining the deployment and expansion of mission critical applications and infrastructure with cloud-based management. We are redefining computing for our customers. With over 2,000 new Cisco HyperFlex customers and building, we are just getting started.

Making the breakaway!

Please join us for a webcast on Wednesday, February 28th to learn more about Cisco HyperFlex Platform for Multicloud. You can also learn more at cisco.com/go/hyperflex or follow the conversation on Twitter with #CiscoHX.


Frank Palumbo

Senior Vice President

Global Data Center Sales