As Cisco and our strong channel partner community lead market transitions and enable customers to embrace and capture new opportunities with digital transformation, the solutions we deliver grow progressively complex.  While accelerating partner growth is foundational to Cisco’s business model, simplification is increasingly important for our customers, and in the offerings and execution for our channel partners. 

What We Know

We know that customers prefer to buy a technology solution from a single source.  We know that bundled solutions drive a substantial percentage of overall technology revenue.  We know that including ecosystem partners in our solutions adds new consumption models to the portfolio, engages with new lines of business, and creates efficiencies of scale for our channel partners.

Cisco’s partner ecosystem does just that, and it is unique in the industry.  Since its introduction in 2015, the Cisco Partner Ecosystem has simplified the process for our channel partners to build sustainable, cross-architecture business models to capture new opportunities and increase deal sizes by 25-50%.

Cisco SolutionsPlus: New Partners, New Opportunities

We are building on our success by adding five new, strategic ecosystem partners to our Cisco Global Price List [GPL]. What is unique to these ecosystem partners is they are targeted to where the market is going, focusing on data protection, object-based storage, and next-gen container technology.

Data Protection solutions that deliver unprecedented scale-out flexibility and agility with uncompromised data management, all with cloud-like economics and true hybrid cloud capabilities:

Object-Based Storage solutions that deliver unlimited scalability, fast data retrieval, better recovery, and cost effectiveness:

Next-gen container technology solutions that deliver greater agility, portability, and performance:

These three key areas of market growth, combined with Cisco’s industry leading architectures, provide powerful solutions for customers.

We continually evolve our ecosystem partner program focused on our channel partner’s long-term success. It’s no secret that navigating the technology landscape is more challenging with the accelerated pace of change.  That is why it is more important than ever to partner with industry experts to quickly integrate and deliver strategic, single-source solutions to our customers.  With Cisco SolutionsPlus, we are continuing to build on our powerful ecosystem platform to make it simple for partners to grow their business.