The Super Bowl. It’s as much a part of American culture as the Fourth of July or Oprah Winfrey. It’s the culmination of the American football season, complete with intense rivalries, funny commercials, and stunning (sometimes controversial) half-time shows. Everyone knows it’s big business too.

The best day in football history

I grew up a Colts fan. A serious Colts fan. I loved watching Peyton Manning lead the team to shatter records, become an AFC power house, and challenge the (villainous) Tom Brady-led Patriots in an intense, thrill-inducing rivalry.

After several epic showdowns, the Colts beat the Pats in the 2006 AFC Championship to advance to Super Bowl XLI, where they beat the Chicago Bears 29-17.

I remember that game like it was yesterday… Yelling. Cheering. Mom dancing to the Prince half-time show. Me sprinting to the kitchen table to fill my plate with pizza, leaping the dog because I didn’t want to miss a second of that incredible game.

A big day for business

The biggest day in football is one of the biggest for companies too. It starts with the commercials and the exponential increases in exposure they offer. That part is what we all see. Behind the scenes, companies also spend big money on the big day to keep their operations running smoothly and their millions of customers happy.

It’s no easy feat. So how do they do it?


Dominos delivers with Cisco UCS®

On Super Bowl Sunday, Domino’s sells more than 11 million slices of pizza – three and half times what they sell on a regular Sunday. It’s the third busiest delivery day of the year. That’s a lot of pie to track, route, deliver, and serve up piping hot.

With 60 percent of Domino’s business coming from online orders, managing this surge of business wouldn’t be possible without a strong network backbone. With Cisco UCS® infrastructure, Domino’s network is able to manage ordering influxes quickly and securely. This helps Domino’s go into their busiest days of the year with their game faces on and ensure that every order is accounted for so the people get their pizza before the party starts.

The big game this year

On February 4, 2018, tens of millions of Americans will tune into Super Bowl LII, where the Philadelphia Eagles will face the New England Patriots.

Beer and pizza slice in hand, we’ll cheer on our team, laugh at our favorite commercials, and wonder if Justin Timberlake will get through the half-time show without a scandal.

Countless unsung heroes will work tirelessly in the background so we can stream the Super Bowl without a glitch and get our pizza delivered on-time. All thanks to technology and the people who use it.

Who will you be rooting for?


See how Domino’s used Cisco® solutions to transform its business: cs.co/Dominos



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