Cisco Small Business

Learning from past disruptions, preparing for whatever is next

2 min read

Nuggets of wisdom and advice from a longtime Cisco Premier Partner that can help small businesses prepare for the next major disruption.

September 15, 2020


Americas Distribution: Resilient. Together.

1 min read

Business Continuity. Future Planning. Solution Strategizing. All terms we use in business to forecast what will come. We know everyone is interested in business resiliency – taking the planning, strategizing, and continuity ideas to develop your plan to stay afloat.

Escape the IT jungle with Cisco at SpiceWorld 2020

1 min read

Finding the right IT solutions for your business can be a wild experience. Pack your binoculars and mosquito repellent, and join us for SpiceWorld to discover how Cisco can help.

3 keys to small business innovation—even during challenging times

3 min read

To roll out innovations and drive business results, you need three things: an empowered workforce, a secure ecommerce platform, and robust cybersecurity.

Tools and resources to empower small business resiliency

2 min read

Small businesses are resilient. When traditional ways of doing business become challenging—or impossible—many innovate to take a new approach. Cisco has tools to help.

5 strategies to help shift mindsets and secure small business data

5 min read

Small and midsize businesses are becoming the focus of cyberattacks. The cost is high: as much as half a million dollars, which few businesses, small or otherwise, can afford.

5 security tools to protect your small business data

4 min read

Cybersecurity is critical no matter a business’s size. Small business data is no less valuable to an attacker, and small businesses can benefit from the security strategies larger enterprises use.

July 29, 2020


SMB Cybersecurity: More products, more problems?

3 min read

Cisco Product Marketing Manager Hazel Burton, Cisco Advisory CISO Wolf Goerlich, and Elevate Security Co-founder Masha Sedova conclude their SMB security discussion by examining the benefits of a simplified approach.

Small business innovation? This manufacturer is a step ahead

3 min read

Learn how Del Brenta—with help from Cisco technology—assured business continuity, responding to customers uninterrupted from home offices across the region.