DNS security

March 25, 2024


Identify and Investigate Uncommon DNS Traffic

4 min read

See how you can programmatically gain visibility into and investigate uncommon DNS requests using Cisco Umbrella APIs.

March 23, 2021


Threat Trends: DNS Security, Part 2

6 min read

A deep dive into industry-specific threat trends surrounding malicious DNS activity.

March 17, 2021


The three C’s approach to SASE

3 min read

SASE is a network architecture that combines SD-WAN capabilities with cloud-native security functions. SASE helps organizations to simplify and scale secure connectivity for a distributed workforce. Yet, transitioning existing network into a SASE architecture is a journey, where organizations must take into consideration overall business goals, architecture prerequisites, and licensing requirements.

March 11, 2021


Threat Trends: DNS Security, Part 1

8 min read

An examination of the trends seen in malicious DNS activity during 2020, covering threat categories such as illicit cryptomining, phishing, trojans, ransomware, and others.

5 security tools to protect your small business data

4 min read

Cybersecurity is critical no matter a business’s size. Small business data is no less valuable to an attacker, and small businesses can benefit from the security strategies larger enterprises use.

November 7, 2019


Consolidate your Security in the Cloud with Cisco Umbrella

4 min read

  What makes a great partnership? Open communication and a passion for constant advancement are two important elements. Our customers have helped us continuously innovate, and together, we’re transforming how...

July 25, 2019


DNS under attack

7 min read

Attacks against DNS is of significant concern. But what exactly is DNS? How is it being attacked? And what can be done to protect against these attacks?

December 13, 2018


You’ve Got (Compromised) Mail!

3 min read

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who have been affected by Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams and those who don’t know they have been hit with...