Pivot. Resiliency.

Business Continuity. Future Planning. Solution Strategizing. All terms we use in business to forecast what will come. We know everyone is interested in business resiliency – taking the planning, strategizing, and continuity ideas to develop your integrated plan to stay afloat.

Fortune Magazine in June 2020 said, “A majority believe it will be the first quarter of 2022 before overall economic activity returns to levels reached before the pandemic.” That’s why Cisco is shifting to connected experiences, which we hope will enable you and your Partners to thrive in the ever-changing future.

Today Andrew Sage, Vice President of Global Distribution Sales, lead a second Global Disti Forum. We are excited to have heard from executive leaders such as Gerri Elliot, EVP and Chief of Sales and Marketing Officer, and Oliver Tuszik, SVP of Worldwide Partner Organization about Cisco’s current state of the business and our overarching strategy for business resilience. I, like Andrew, was impressed by how you pivoted your business and workplace strategies overnight to help your partners and customers shift to this new work environment.

Over the coming months, I hope Cisco can help your partners and their customers bring the pieces into one place to help people come together, secure their business, and better automate processes.

Continuity. Together.

With years of remote work experience and entire product portfolios dedicated to global collaboration, Cisco has the tools your Partners and their customers need to maximize their reach and do it securely. Small business is in the forefront of everyone’s mind, especially at Cisco’s Internal IMPACT virtual conference a few weeks ago. We know your route to market, regardless of the size of the deal, impacts us all and we want to help. The five new Small Business Plays can help your Partners’ customers with business continuity.

  1. Work from Home
  2. New Office Network
  3. Cybercrime Protection
  4. Always-on Business Using Cloud
  5. Workplace Monitoring

You can learn more about each of the plays on SalesConnect or by
reaching out directly to your Cisco Distribution account manager.

I hope you enjoyed the virtual Disti forum and look forward to our continued collaboration.


John Brookbank

Vice President, Americas Distribution

WW Partner Sales