Cisco IoT

February 21, 2024


Cisco Announces Availability of OpenCSMP

3 min read

Secure, scalable management for constrained IoT networks - the formerly proprietary CSMP protocol used in Field Network Director is now available in an open source version.

Leveraging a digital twin with machine learning to revitalize bridges

3 min read

Learn how the University of the Bundeswehr Munich used Cisco technology to develop a digital twin model for bridges that predicts maintenance windows based on telemetry, reducing costs and optimizing the design of new bridges with real data rather than forecasted use.

November 29, 2023


Cisco Partner Summit Bus Tracking Pilot

3 min read

With over 3,000 attendees distributed across nearly 20 hotels in Miami, Florida for Cisco Partner Summit 2023, transportation was a challenge. The logistics of getting our top partners and Cisco leaders to the Miami Beach Convention Center required thoughtful planning. After all, we needed attendees focused on collaborating and learning, not wondering if a bus was on its way. Our solve? Piloting a new bus tracking application that combined Cisco IoT solutions with the attendee mobile app.

November 15, 2023


Sunshine, Miami Vice, and an amazing amount of interest in IoT

2 min read

I always come away from the annual Cisco Partner Summit event energized and excited from the news and announcements that move our Industrial IOT business forward for our partners. Let’s recap a set of announcements that are designed to help our partners drive a profitable and exciting IOT practice.

July 26, 2023


Connecting DOTs with IoT for Intelligent Transportation Systems

4 min read

Network connectivity for roadway devices is increasingly important as traffic engineers are tasked with connecting new devices and systems, along with existing infrastructure, as part of an intelligent transport system (ITS). As traffic congestion and the number of pedestrians and connected cars on the road are all increasing, network connectivity will enable real-time use cases to realize new transportation goals.

June 14, 2023


Revolutionizing IOT to deliver an end-to-end solution

3 min read

Discover the announcements from Cisco Live and how they complement our comprehensive industrial networking portfolio giving you the opportunity to deliver an end-to-end solution to your customers with enterprise and industrial use cases.

June 8, 2023


The Power of 5G for the Connected Future

3 min read

Ubiquitous and reliable 5G connectivity is key to unlocking next-gen transportation networks and applications, and not just for a seamless user experience. It is mission-critical for ensuring safety across the entire transportation ecosystem. Managing quality of service (QoS) across Wi-Fi, public and private 5G will ensure reliable and secure connectivity across transportation use cases.

Why Smart Buildings are Becoming a Transformative Necessity

3 min read

In today’s fast-paced digital world, we are more connected than ever before, and this will continue to accelerate as technology evolves and gets ‘smarter’ with the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT).