Sarah Struble

Marketing Manager

Global Healthcare Marketing

Sarah Struble has a passion for healthcare and the role business can play in improving lives. She explored that interest while working at the United Nations Foundation with the mHealth Alliance, an organization that used digital technologies to improve health in developing countries. Just prior to joining Cisco, Sarah attended the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and focused on marketing and healthcare management.

Sarah loves to travel and has worked in several countries in Africa, Asia, and South America. She now lives Washington D.C. with her labradoodle named Watson.


January 17, 2019


Peak anxiety – How to quell patient data security fears and stay one step ahead of hackers

It’s no secret security breaches are on the rise. From April to June 2018, 3.14 million patient records were breached, up from 1.12 million breached from January to March of...

August 22, 2018


The last time I was in a hospital – Exploring the impact of mobility on experience

The last time I was in a hospital was to visit my friend. Her mom was sick, and I went to keep my friend company. We decided to meet in...

August 16, 2018


Hospital IT – A bottle neck or platform for innovation?

The evolution of healthcare is propelled by shifting patient, caregiver, clinician, and staff expectations. And this “new normal” demands IT-driven experiences – mobility, IoT, reliable EHRs, and technology integrated into...

July 25, 2018


First year residents: What to expect on day one and beyond

Congratulations! You are officially a doctor now. Are you nervous? Excited? You want to do a good job[1]. Your first day in the hospital is the culmination of...

June 26, 2018


Couldn’t make it to Cisco Live? Here are the healthcare highlights

Cisco Live was a whirlwind of a week. We had a lot planned in the World of Solutions and for our healthcare session on measuring your hospital’s infrastructure...

June 5, 2018


The Countdown Begins – Find out What Cisco Healthcare Has Planned for Cisco Live US

We have a lot of great sessions, demos, and networking activities planned for Cisco Live US in Orlando this year that will bring the healthcare experience to life.

May 3, 2018


Information at your fingertips: a game-changer and a challenge for healthcare

Just think of the volume of healthcare data being collected, stored, accessed, and used to make medical decisions every day. It’s generated by IoT medical devices, clinical workstations, and clinicians...

April 26, 2018


See. Hear. Reason. Analyze. Decide: How close are we to AI in healthcare?

Quicker diagnoses, new treatments, reduced risk of medical errors, and voice-enabled advice... The prospects for AI in healthcare are numerous, but what will it take to achieve them?

April 18, 2018


A recipe for health IT success. Are you missing the key ingredient?

Healthcare has evolved beyond business as usual. The people who touch healthcare —patients, family members, clinicians, administrators, and IT—expect more than they used to. They are demanding increasingly sophisticated digital...