Above and beyond – that’s what your network needs to do. The pressures of the evolving healthcare environment require the network to go beyond supporting rising IT demands. It needs to empower your hospital to improve experiences and outcomes.

With Cisco DNA, the new network is informed by context, is powered by your intent, and grows more intuitive every day.

  • Context: The new network interprets who, what, when, where, and how, resulting in better security, more customized experiences, and faster operations
  • Intent: The new network automatically translates intentions into the right network configuration, so you can manage and provision millions of devices in minutes
  • Intuitive: The new network continually learns from the massive amounts of data flowing through Cisco networks, turning that data into actionable, predictive insights

But how does your healthcare organization stack up against your peers?

Check out the infographic below to see how other hospitals are driving digital transformation within their organizations.

Cisco DNA—at the heart of healthcare innovation—enabling an intuitive network that’s constantly learning, adapting, and protecting.

View the whole infographic series here.

Learn more about DNA for Healthcare at cisco.com/go/dnahealthcare.



Sarah Struble

Marketing Manager

Global Healthcare Marketing