Open any news website or social media channel and you’re bound to see headlines about big technology companies making inroads in healthcare. For many, it’s a welcome trend. The healthcare industry is ripe for disruption, with many challenges to solve.

As new tools to power patient care are developed and introduced, it’s tempting for healthcare organizations to jump in and start taking advantage of new technology as quickly as possible—especially in today’s hyper-competitive environment.

But first things first.

Everything you do today and tomorrow — from telehealth, to IoT medical device security and management, to AI decision support depends on a strong IT infrastructure foundation. Analysts advise starting with getting an understanding of your infrastructure so you cam plan for the future. Do you have a strong, modern network? Cutting-edge collaboration tools? A secure mobility strategy? A solid grounding in these essentials is a must in order to fully reap the benefits of emerging healthcare technology.

That’s where Cisco healthcare solutions can help. As a leader in healthcare transformation, Cisco has the innovative, highly secure, and trusted technology solutions you need to deliver patient-centered care. We’ve been in healthcare for more than 20 years. As a result, we and understand what you need to power a successful healthcare operation, because we’ve been there.

Experience counts — and it’s one of the major reasons healthcare organizations turn to Cisco. But it’s not the only one. Check out our infographic to learn more.



Sarah Struble

Marketing Manager

Global Healthcare Marketing