RJ Mahadev

Head, Cisco Retail IoT Solutions

IoT Business Unit

RJ Mahadev leads Cisco’s Retail IoT Solutions business with responsibilities that include defining Cisco’s Retail IoT strategy, developing required partnerships & incubating new software-centric solutions in collaboration with leading customers and vendors. Much of RJ’s focus is on aligning retail use cases with IoT solutions and developing leading practices for architecting, designing & integrating these platforms.

RJ has spent much of his professional life starting up new business in entrepreneurial & intrepreneurial settings. Roles prior to Cisco include stints as Co-Founder and Managing Director of EuroBroadband where he led the development and operations of a WiMax-based business in Greece and Vice President for Global Product Management at Level 3 Networks where he was responsible for deploying and managing the world’s largest SoftSwitch platform.

RJ holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration in Marketing & Finance from the University of Denver and is a recognized speaker who has presented at numerous industry and strategy conferences.


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