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RJ Mahadev

Business Services Manager
IoE Service Solution

RJ Mahadev leads a team accountable for business outcome solutions within Cisco’s IoE Services Group. His responsibilities include working with leading manufacturers and partners to develop and manage vertical solutions in support of their IoT deployments.

RJ has spent much of his professional life navigating the precarious word of new technologies, finding that middle ground between more efficient architectures and the unmet needs of the marketplace. Roles prior to Cisco include stints as Managing Director of EuroBroadband in Greece where he led the development and operational execution of a WiMax-based wireless business and Vice President for Global Product Management at Level 3 Networks where he was responsible for deploying and managing the world’s largest SoftSwitch platform.

RJ holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration in Marketing & Finance from the University of Denver and is a recognized speaker who has presented at numerous industry and strategy conferences.

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