Food manufacturing

October 16, 2015


IoT for Food Manufacturing: Beyond Food Safety to Savvy Marketing

2 min read

Recently, Cisco announced a very cool partnership with pasta maker and Italian foods provider Barilla Foods, ‘From the ground to the grocer, Barilla makes use of Cisco’s IoE to give consumers insight into the journey of their food’.   This partnership is the result of working together across the food industry as well as Barilla’s vision […]

September 14, 2015


Using the Internet of Things (IoT) to Digitize Your Factory

3 min read

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Internet of Things or IoT. How it’s going to accelerate efficiencies. Grow profits. Disrupt industries. So it’s time to consider if IoT is real & if you should do something about it right now. As is often the case, revisiting history can help us better understand what the […]