I’m excited to introduce a new Cisco Validated Design™ (CVD) for our Remote and Mobile Assets solution. Our CVDs drastically lower operating costs and drives new revenue streams from thousands of dispersed assets, such as fleet vehicles and connected equipment.

The solution packages our leading industrial routers, like the new IR1101, with Cisco Kinetic, providing a centralized cloud-managed platform for every component of asset connectivity — from the network and data to the sensors and applications. It’s easy to use, so your non-IT staff can efficiently deploy gateways across geographically dispersed locations using validated, enterprise-class architectures and tools that are simple yet incredibly robust.


Today’s customers face three key challenges in their quest to drastically lower operating costs and drive new revenue streams — supporting scalability and increasing security while reducing complexity. Our solution goes a long way toward addressing these challenges:

  • Unprecedented deployment at scale by using enterprise-class architectures and tools for non-IT staff to deploy thousands of gateways across geographically dispersed locations.
  • Uncompromised security, including enhanced device security, a highly secure data plane, and the security of the management plane using authentication and VPNs.
  • Unmatched flexibility through field-friendly user interfaces and a comprehensive design that documents all elements of the solution, including architectural options based on use cases.

What you will find in the Remote and Mobile Asset CVD?

Since the inception of IP networking, our CVDs have been used to validate, architect, and configure next-generation technologies. Each is designed to help you accelerate digital transformation, innovate faster, and stay competitive. The CVD provides a complete foundation for incorporating the technologies, features, and applications. Every aspect has been thoroughly tested and documented, helping ensure deployment that’s faster, more reliable, cost effective, and predictable.



The design consists of five building blocks with a comprehensive security wrapper to ensure edge device authentication and security for your data and control planes. The solution far exceeds industry security standards by ensuring secure device access and providing multiple secure connectivity options to protect your enterprise data.


Our new Remote and Mobile Assets solution integrates with your existing Cisco platforms enabling your IT and field users to easily scale and manage IoT initiatives. You’ve got to get your hands on this!

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For more information, contact your Cisco representative, visit cisco.com/go/rama, or email ramacvd@cisco.com.

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RJ Mahadev

Head, Cisco Retail IoT Solutions

IoT Business Unit