Patrick Bikar

Head of Business Architecture Center of Excellence


MISSION: QUANTUM TRANSFORMATION The world is plagued with archaic, unsustainable value models: transforming them is more urgent than ever. Businesses and societies know our fortune hinges on an ability to adapt at speed – but complexity, fear of new technology, ill-defined executive strategies and shifting goalposts make it a delicate affair. Mere digitization or cloudification are far from enough – what is needed is Quantum Transformation, a concerted, multi-threaded, holistic evolution of People (getting everyone engaged), Processes (rethinking how value is produced), Data (removing the blinders) and Technology (creating frictionless flows). Whenever I engage with a customer, running interviews and workshops to extract wisdom from the teams, one thing strikes me without fail: they know exactly what they need to do. Or more accurately: collectively, they know exactly what they need to do. They are the experts of their industry, not me. My job as a Business Architect is to drive Quantum Transformation: co-create a clear big picture from the maelstrom of viewpoints, crush complexity, bridge the gap between business & IT, stimulate pilots built on low-code, and define a step-by-step roadmap for delivering business innovation with speed, impact and scale. At heart, I am an engineer on a mission to empower enterprises, large and small, public and private, to produce incremental and sustainable value for their customers, for society, for the planet. KNOW-HOW: INSIGHT-POWERED INNOVATION Over the last 20 years, I've had the privilege to work with many CIOs, IT leaders and business executives in various industries, which granted me the raw material to gradually co-create a simple and highly-effective approach for architecting what I call the 4 petals of insight-powered innovation:
  1. Digital Journey Dashboard (DJD): Envision the 1-page strategy to picture where the business wants to go, how they’ll get there, and map out the strategic innovation domains for the years to come
  2. Business Architecture Roadmap (BAR): Prioritize the use cases that will propel the business into the future, and shape up the architecture, roadmap and ecosystem of partners to bring them to life
  3. Business Innovation Sprint (BIS): Run Design Thinking jams with stakeholders from Business & IT, refining generic use cases into detailed user experience flows that you can (low-)code into action
  4. AS-IS/TO-BE Storyboard (ATS): Draw the visual business case that will convince executives to invest in the new solutions: Situation-Complication-Implication-Position-Action-Benefits (SCIPAB)
So what? Customers can focus their efforts on developing differentiating logic and flows for their business services – and let the technology do its work: secure, scalable, and unnoticed. PRACTICE: BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE I currently head Cisco's Global Business Architecture Center of Excellence with a strategy built on 3 pillars:
  • Community: Under the banner of the BA Makers movement, I lead a tribe of 250 Business Architects, coaching, mentoring and empowering them to continuously hone their BA skills, vertical expertise, and practical know-how.
  • Capability: I co-created a powerful framework helping our customers transform their business with speed, impact and scale. I am now leading the development of Cisco's 4-stage Business Architecture training curriculum, to scale our approach to the whole of Cisco, our partners, and our customers.
  • Customers: Every year, I support dozens of BA-led customer engagements, interacting with CxOs, IT Leaders and business executives. I help them crystallize their digital transformation strategy, drive insight-powered innovation, and ensure that technology investments deliver the outcomes and benefits expected by users and the business.
BACKGROUND In 1999, I graduated first of my promotion as a Civil Engineer in Telecommunications at the University of Brussels (“La Plus Grande Distinction”, or Highest Honors, >90%). My certifications include Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE 7045, Emeritus), ITIL 3, TOGAF 9, and Business Architect Transformation Program (BATP). Twice, in 2008 and 2014, I earned a seat at Cisco’s Chairman's Club (top 1%). In 2014, I completed a 2-year Executive Master in IT Management (Solvay Business School, Brussels), which fed my passion for “running IT like it’s the business”, a foundation of Quantum Transformation.


April 18, 2020


Architecting Innovation for Speed, Impact, and Scale

Digital Transformation, now compounded with the global crisis, demands a skilful and agile approach to innovation. Check out how Cisco can help you “architect business innovation for speed, impact, and scale”.

January 17, 2020


Business Architecture at Cisco Live

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September 16, 2015


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September 10, 2015


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Big Data in the Public Sector: Turning Bytes into Information Valuable to Society (White Paper)

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