This year at Cisco Live Barcelona, Business Architecture (BA) will feature in many places and times throughout the event, but the center of gravity will no doubt be the BA booth, located right in the middle of the Hub !

Please come and visit us to better understand how Cisco Business Architects and our Ecosystem Partners can accelerate and improve your digital transformation initiatives. To get a sneak preview, read on.

Cisco Business Architects have the know-how, skills and tools to drive innovation with the highest impact to your business:

  • BAs make technology investments relevant to your key business stakeholders and users through collaborative workshops powered by Design Thinking & visual tools
  • BAs bridge the gap between business and IT by addressing the hard People/Process/ Technology challenges.
  • BAs capture new budgets allocated to digital transformation by shaping and telling a story that all your stakeholders understand/support.
  • BAs look at the big picture, increase the pace of innovation, sharpen your business impact.
  • BAs skip theory, paper work and the reports no one reads: we focus on tangible outcomes for users and the business. Pilot, fail fast, iterate.
  • BAs build a trusted relationship between you, Cisco and our ecosystem partners, orchestrating the best resources and experts, delivering ongoing innovation, solving key challenges and positively impacting business, society, and the planet.

Business Architects steadily hone the skills required to drive innovation in today’s era, including: workshop facilitation, design thinking, conscious leadership, executive presence, business acumen, problem solving, etc. to name but a few.

These skills allow BAs to manipulate a digital transformation toolbox that is simple, powerful and unique in the market:

  1. Digital Journey Dashboard (DJD): we create a 1-page strategy to clarify priorities and connect the strategic business drivers with the innovation roadmap. We identify the most business-impactful use cases.
  2. Business Innovation Sprint (BIS): we run hackathons and Design Thinking workshops with key stakeholders from Business & IT to develop innovative solutions addressing the toughest business challenges.
  3. CxO Positioning & Performance IT: we write & tell the story which will convince business executives to invest in new technology solutions that accelerate business innovation, backed by a robust ROI.
  4. Innovation Lifecycle: we bring it all together, collaborating with our customers and our Ecosystem Partners to operationalize innovation, continuously turning ideas into technology solutions that solve industry pain points.

For more details, you can download the 1-pager here below, which Cisco Business Architects affectionally refer to as our “BA Poppy”.

(Click to download)

Business Architecture Clinics at Cisco Live

If you happen to be in Barcelona for Cisco Live 2020, we’d be happy to host you in a 60-/90-minute BA Clinic, which takes place in a private meeting room, away from the hustle and bustle of the BA booth.

A BA Clinic is a highly interactive and practical discussion structured around the “Art of the Possible” for Digital Transformation in your organization. We analyze the innovation trends relevant to your industry (with our “Industry Portfolio Explorer”), and cycle through the Business Drivers (“Why“), the IT Operating Model (“How“), and the Technology Platform (“What“). Finally, we will select the “Business Innovation Sprints” that will yield most impact.

During the BA clinic, Cisco’s seasoned Business Architects will capture the information required to build a draft Digital Journey Dashboard (similar to the one presented below), which we will send you after Cisco Live. From there and if you are interested to do more with us, we can organize a 1-day workshop with Lines of Business and IT stakeholders in your organization, and complete the DJD version 1.0 – which you can proudly hang in your office.

Digital Journey Dashboard (DJD)

To schedule a BA Clinic at Cisco Live, please contact your Cisco Account Team.

Whether you decide to schedule a BA Clinic or simply to pay us a short visit at the BA Booth, please make sure you pick up a couple of California White Poppy seeds, hoping we can create together a fertile ground for innovation to blossom in your organisation!


Patrick Bikar

Global Systems Engineer Transformation Programs Lead

Global Systems Engineering