John Gaudin

No Longer with Cisco

Working at Cisco Systems since 2000. Currently in enterprise marketing for collaboration. The first 5 years at Cisco were spent as a product manager for Cisco Info Center, a suite of OSS/BSS applications focused on fault management and SLA monitoring.

Prior to Cisco worked as product manager at Beyond.com focused on Government sales of a suite of software applications that facilitated electronic delivery of COTS products, desktop installation, and license tracking.

Studied Finance, but decided technology rocks and haven't looked back.


January 14, 2016


Limited Collaboration Will Limit Career Growth

3 min read

If you're one of these people hoarding information and not collaborating, trust me on this, that little bit of information you control is not the linchpin of the company success. If you are abducted by aliens tomorrow, the company won't fold without you.

December 6, 2015


What Is Rowan Trollope Announcing at Collaboration Summit?

1 min read

What will Rowan announce at Collaboration Summit? It's a popular question leading up to Tuesday's keynote. If you want to know, then I may be able to share a few things...

October 13, 2015


The Mobile Workspace For Collaboration

3 min read

The first thing you may wonder is how can you have a mobile workspace. After all, the point of being mobile is that you can be anywhere and if you’re anywhere, you may not have a physical workspace. This means your accessories must also be mobile. They should fit in your pockets, or at least […]

July 1, 2015


Provide Service at Your Customer’s Convenience

2 min read

As consumers, we have many options in how we browse, research, and purchase products today.  We expect more freedom and flexibility in how we work with retail companies. Forward-looking companies strive to improve their customers’ experiences and provide flexibility without compromising quality. However, some industries are considered conservative and rigid. Financial institutions are often seen this way. […]

May 6, 2015


For Better Collaboration Try Breaking The Rules

3 min read

I recently read an article Why Getting It Wrong Is the Future of Design. It speaks to how innovative design changes often come from doing things that would be considered completely wrong. The article focuses on art, graphics, architecture, theater, movies, tableware, and even video games. Then I read this line “I was following the […]

March 6, 2015


An Impromptu Meeting With A TechWomen Delegation

3 min read

Not to long ago I was at the Cisco Executive Briefing Center (EBC) presenting to a customer with a co-worker of mine named Bob. It's not uncommon for us to...