Didier Rombaut

Didier Rombaut – pronounced D.D.A – is a media strategist for Cisco Data Center Solutions Marketing group, in charge with his team of social media, advertising and video production.

Passionate about innovations, he fully supports the idea that " You can't build the data center of tomorrow using the technology of yesterday”

In his 4th year with Cisco, Didier worked previously at Sun Microsystems both in Europe and in US and has an extensive background in marketing and high tech.

Didier is also an avid runner and a climber.


March 28, 2014


Best Ways to know if you have a Breakthrough Solution: Cisco UCS case

These past two weeks have been a time for celebrating the 5th anniversary of UCS and an extraordinary achievement in terms of market penetration. Click on the images for more data        We made it thanks the strong and tireless support from our partners , but (make no mistakes here) primary  thanks to a breakthrough vision […]

March 10, 2014


Best Ways to Shift to A Virtual Data Center : Join Now The Conversation

In his paper  “A Data Center Fabric  is Critical to the Next Generation of Data Center ” published on January 2014,  Zeus Kerravala (@Zeeman)  wrote  ” The data center has gone through many major evolutionary changes over the past several decades, and each change has been defined by major shifts in architectures…in 2011, another major shift began: […]

March 7, 2014


Summary : Unmatched Flexibility with Multi-Protocol Connectivity…End-To-End!

“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future” – Jedi Master Yoda. Yoda image credit: www.yodaquotes.net “Planning for the future can be challenging . To effectively prepare for the unknown it is best to design into any plans, the added flexibility. This is especially true with IT. ” wrote Amit Jain   In a very clear article […]

March 3, 2014


Cisco Champion Radio on ACI and Nexus 9000

How ACI lets you manage a network cohesively instead of box-by-box ? What a network looks like in ACI mode vs. stand-alone mode ? How ACI works with network protocols like...

February 25, 2014


Cisco Champions Talk about Hybrid Cloud and Intercloud : A Podcast

On  January 28th , Cisco launched the Intercloud solutions . On the tail of this announcement, we invited a couple of Cisco Champions to share their perspectives on hybrid cloud and Intercloud with one of our subject matter experts . This was our first Champion podcast. Eric Wright (@discoposse) and Jonathan Davis (@subnetwork) joined Cisco […]

February 11, 2014


Summary : Beyond Data Security…Five Biggest Risks of Shadow Cloud IT Services

In his recent blog (Unleash the Promise of Cloud), Enrico Fuiano reports  how a Cisco Intel study  clearly indicates that Line of Business (LoB) leaders have been playing a more important role in driving requirements for IT solutions and services. Amongst the reasons driving this shift, Enrico pointed to the “shadow IT” initiatives. Robert  Dimicco, Cisco […]

January 8, 2014


Cisco Build & Price Launches New Ways to Learn More about UCS Director

Build & Price has recently announced the launch of new content for UCS Director. The launch offers new ways to explore the features of UCS Director via Webinars, Whitepapers & Videos.(Learn more: UCS Director on Build & Price) Webinars: I think that webinars on UCS Director are an excellent addition. Yes – we all understand […]

January 2, 2014


Life in the Cloud Begins at Birth

As the cloud prepares for another history-making year in its campaign to become a part of every part of our lives, a different type of history is being made. The birth of life. As we begin a new year, many around the world are celebrating new life, building on their family foundation. “Foundations” are traditionally […]

December 6, 2013


Summary : Sourcefire in our Data Center by Cisco Chief Security Officer

            Last October , Cisco confirmed that Sourcefire was now part of our family of security...