March 7, 2014


Summary : Unmatched Flexibility with Multi-Protocol Connectivity…End-To-End!

1 min read

“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future” – Jedi Master Yoda. Yoda image credit: www.yodaquotes.net “Planning for the future can be challenging . To effectively prepare for the unknown it is best to design into any plans, the added flexibility. This is especially true with IT. ” wrote Amit Jain   In a very clear article […]

Big News from the Cisco Small Business Team

2 min read

Happy Thursday all. Yesterday, my brethren Product Manager, Ivor Diedricks announced his new 10 Gigabit Small Business Switch. This is the first 10 Gigabit Switch in the Small Business Series. This is an important announcement in that we are the only one (save one) to come to market with such a product for the SMB […]