InsiemeWow ! The Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)  Launch was one of these amazing events which can only rejoice a social media leader  like me .
13K+ registants for the webcast ! A Twitter storm (#ACI, #Insieme)  Over 4000 mentions in a few hours ! A blog editorial plan including so far more than 10 Cisco blogs, 15 Technology partners blogs , and numerous articles from 3rd party, analysts and journalists – A festival of  videos, podcast,  broadcast and infographics.

On the top of that  I am pleased to welcome Cisco ACI a fast growing and independent LinkedIn  group – And I’d like to thank over 5500 professionals who already follow our brand new Cisco Data Center page on LinkedIn !
These series of facts show us how much interest our customers and partners find in this breakthrough  vision and products announcement . So I figured out that a “little ” list of what’s available now will not hurt anybody !

This blog is designed to grow over the time thanks to your contribution – So please feel free to post a comment with links (blogs, video, infographics , slideshare deck ) that I could have missed –  Or simply tell us what blog(s) or video(s) inspired you the most and why .  And don’t hesitate to follow me @drombaut to make sure that I promote your suggestions:)

And ..voila ! First iteration !



John Chambers    Transforming I.T. for the Application Economy
Shashi Kiran  Redefining the Power of IT with Application centric Infrastructure  
Scott Clark   Is Your Data Center Ready for ACI Transformation?
Chris Young  Security Drives Major Transition in the Network and Data Center
Gary Kinghorn   ACI  includes Strong Partner Ecosystem for Security and Network services
Joann Starke  Automation and Application Centric Infrastructure
Balaji Sivasubramanian   Introducing Cisco Application Virtual Switch (AVS) -Extending Virtual Networking to Applications
Harry Petty    Ecosystem for Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Tackes Application Agility
Gary Kinghorn    Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Application Virtual Switch (AVS)
Ravi Balakrishnan    Close Peek at Cisco ACI : Network Abstraction, VXLAN, Programmability
Gary Kinghorn  Follow-up Q&A on ACI Methodology and the Pursuit of an Application-Aware Methodology           New!
Stephen Speirs  The Quickest way to Get Started with ACI       New!

Technology Partners

CA technologies Andi Mann, Vice President, Strategic Solutions
Dawn of Application Centric Infrastructure for Cloud and Big Data 
Citrix   Abishek Chauhan, CTO, NetScaler Product Group
When Applications and Network Unite : the Age of Enlightned Infrastructure
Citrix Steve Blacklock, Sr. Director, Strategic Alliance
Cisco Citrix Why is our Partnership so Important
EMC  Connie Hastings, Director, Technology Alliance
EMC Cisco Lock Arms to Deliver Next Generation Data Center
Emulex  Rick Trujilio, Product Marketing Manager
Propelling Applications Forward with Network Visibility and Agility: Ecosystem Member for Cisco ACI
F5   Lori MacVittie, Senior Product Manager
F5 and Cisco Application-Centric : From Top to Bottom and End to End
Microsoft  Satya Nadella, Executive Vice President, Cloud and Enterprise
Microsoft and Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure, hello cloud!
Microsoft  Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Windows Server & System Center
Recap: Cisco & Microsoft at the ACI Launch in NYC
NetApp   Jay Kidd, Chief Technology Officer
Offspring of a Common Vision : Clustered Data ONTAP and Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure
NetApp JohnRollason , Director, Products, Solutions & Alliance marketing EMEA
A Vision of Application-Centric, Cloud Integrated Infrastructure
RedHat  Paul Cormier, President, Products and Technologies
Deliver OpenStack Innovation
Splunk Hal Rottenberg, Practice Manager, Datacenter Infrastructure
Cisco is bringing the Network to the Application : What does that mean in Machine Data Terms
Symantec Steve Bennett, President and Chief Executive Officer
Cisco & Symantec Put Protection at the Heart of Infrastructure Automation
VCE Trey Layton, Chief Technology Officer
Bringing ACI to VCE Vblock System

Nick Lippis  Lippis Report
Cisco’s Nexus 9000 redefines Software Defined Networking

Independent  Bloggers

Pete Welcher
The Cisco/Insieme Launch Part1   Part 2

@AmyEngineer   Just Another Day at The Office
Matt Oswald – Keeping IT Classless  @Mierdin
Insieme and Cisco Harware ACI & Programmability –
Cisco ACI :As the Dust Settles
John Herbert  @mrtugs
Taking the Measure of Cisco’s Insieme
Joe Onisick  – Define The Cloud
True Software Defined Networking (SDN)
Simon Thibaudeau -Network Layers
My Insieme 2cents
Keith Townsend  Virtualized Geek
Cisco is late to the SDN game but it doesn’t matter
Greg Ferro Etherealmind
Cisco ACI and UCS are made for each other
Cisco ACI validates the Independent Network Operating System Model
Chad Sakac  Virtual Geek
One Perspective on the Cisco ACI Launch
Ivan Pepelnjak
Cisco Nexus 9000 and ACI : Promising P+V Architecture
Robert Dutt  Channelbuzz
Cisco Unveils Insieme Plans : Application Centric Infrastructure
Angus Kidman  Lifehacker
Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure Explained
Prem Jadwhani
Cisco race ahead with Breakthrough Data Center Solution- ACI
Michael Bushong  Plexxi
What is Application-Centric Infrastructure
Roie Ben Heim
Cisco ACI – Security Challenges Key Notes
Ethan Banks The Peering Introvert
My Top Eight Cisco Application Centric infrastructure (ACI) videos To Watch


ACI Launch Montage : Redefining the Power of IT  (5:41)  (2:46) 

ACI Overview Video   Graphic video
AVS Video  A dialog between Gary Kinghorn and Balaji Sivavubramanian
Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) State of the Market  by Soni Jiandani
Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Enabling Business by Soni Jiandani
Benefits of the  Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)  by Soni Jiandani
Common Platform: Two Operational Models by Soni Jiandani 

White Board Sessions
ACI Overview                                  by Joe Onisick
ACI VXLAN                                      by Joe Onisick
ACI End Points Group                     by Joe Onisick
Nexus 9000 Unicast forwarding     by Lilian Quan
Nexus 9000 Multicast forwarding  by Lilian Quan

Application Policy and OpenStack

TechWise TV
Special : ACI Spells more than SDN with @commsninja

Technology Partners
ACI Ecosystem Partners 

Other videos

TechField Day RoundTable at ACI launch

Lippis report
Nexus 9000 Programming Environment
Cisco Nexus 9508 Sets New Power Efficiency Test Result Record
Cisco Nexus 9508 Sets high Performance Low Latency Record


Speaking In Tech : Cisco buys out Insieme

PacketPushers  Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro
Cisco ACI Software Defined Networking – A First Look 


It takes a Community to Solve Big Problems 
Accelerating 40G Adoption 

And More …Website – Launch Webcast – TechwiseTV 

For even more information don’t hesitate to visit our website http://www.cisco.com/go/aci 

If you missed the event , you can still watch the webcast here 

Techwise TV Inside the Application Centric infrastructure