David Staudt

Cisco Principal Engineer

DevNet Developer Advocate

David is a developer advocate specializing in Cisco collaboration and Unified Communications technology APIs, with over 17 years experience inspiring, advising and supporting developers of all kinds.


May 10, 2023


Learn about DevSecOps at Cisco Live

Learning about DevSecOps can empower your dev team to understand, discover, and fix vulnerabilities before they head downstream. Check out the Cisco Live "Dev+Sec+Ops=Success" learning map and video.

July 19, 2022


Achieve Webex API OAuth Token Immortality with Vault

Webex, with all its collaboration and productivity features, is a powerful platform into-and-of itself. Nonetheless, two key value propositions stand out for enterprise developers - meticulous focus on security, and expansive API capabilities. Here's a step-by-step guide to keeping admin user OAuth access tokens refreshed.

October 11, 2021


Learn How to Make Great APIs the Easy Way at DevNet Create

See how an API ‘design-first’ philosophy (core to the OpenAPI project) provides specs for formally defining a REST API, along with tools and automation to help you use that definition to automatically generate related assets.

June 8, 2020


Cloud Collaboration + Your Apps – Learn How at DevNet Day

Learn how to leverage Cisco Cloud Collaboration and Webex to integrate high-quality, face-to-face communication into your applications.

March 23, 2020


Broadworks Cloud Calling Lets Developers Innovate… Customers Collaborate

Deploy cloud-based calling services to address the collaboration needs of small businesses - from a common network platform over any type of network architecture.

November 7, 2019


DevNet Certifications: How to Get Ready for the Collaboration Automation Specialist Exam

Join the live webinar Nov 26th to learn what the exam will cover, and how best to prepare.

September 3, 2019


DevNet Certifications – How To Get Ready for the Webex Specialist Exam

DevNet Webex Specialist Certification track is a great place to start learning the basics, hone your coding chops, and prove your skills to yourself and others.

October 22, 2018


Want to Build an Interactive Chat Bot? Try the Webex Teams API Repo.

This community friendly GitHub repo is inspired by the growing "awesome" movement, dedicated to providing high-quality, inspiring, well-curated lists of interesting things.