What is Cisco BroadWorks?

All small businesses around the world need easy access to feature-rich telephony services for their employees “work anywhere” collaboration needs – in the office, at home, or on the road. Cisco BroadWorks is a carrier-grade software platform delivering cloud collaboration solutions optimized for performance and scale.

BroadWorks is hosted by service providers to deploy cloud-based calling services from a common network platform, over any type of network architecture. This enables Cisco channel partners to address the collaboration needs of their small business customers worldwide.

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Broadworks software enables massively scalable and secure, multi-tenant calling solutions for messaging and meetings. Cisco channel partners can create customized products to enhance and extend capabilities for their customers.

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How can developers add value?

Developers can easily innovate on top of the platform using a rich array of API interfaces for BroadWorks. This allows you to build and deliver unique or customized applications, devices, and provisioning elements. And provide differentiated services that add unique value for customers.

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What developer resources are available?

To help you as a developer on the path to becoming a trusted Cisco Solution Partner, we’ve recently expanded DevNet offerings with a range of BroadWorks resources.

These include:

DevNet Sandbox reservations are self-service, so you can have your lab and pre-built accounts up, running and accessible in a matter of minutes…free with a DevNet registration!

Get Started Developing with BroadWorks today!

Want to learn about BroadWorks APIs and opportunities? Run don’t walk to https://developer.cisco.com/broadworks and get started!

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