Webex Teams REST APIs and SDKs are easy to use on their own, but you can super-charge your collaboration integration project by leveraging this growing collection of community generated code, libraries, tools and links lovingly curated in the “Awesome Webex” repo on the DevNet Code Exchange.

It’s easy to get started with development

Just by studying the excellent, interactive documentation, downloads, and guides you can:

  • build an interactive chat bot
  • integrate existing apps with Webex Teams messaging for ‘chat-ops’ scenarios
  • embed Webex Teams voice/video directly into web or mobile projects

Step-by-step training on specific API topics is also available for free on DevNet’s learning labs. These learning labs let you browse and learn in short, self-paced, tutorials designed to get you working with practical API terms, technologies, and code ASAP.

Webex Teams

But, why not stand on the shoulders of giants?

If you don’t feel like writing yet another JavaScript REST handler method from scratch, or are just looking for awesome ideas to help you grasp the Webex Teams integration possibilities, you will want to check out the ‘Awesome Webex’ repo featured on DevNet Code Exchange.

This Cisco-led, community friendly GitHub repo is inspired by the growing “awesome” movement dedicated to providing high-quality, inspiring, well-curated lists of interesting things (usually information technology related. This list is updated continuously by Cisco developer advocates and engineers, with additional fearsome and funky contributions from leading community members and partners.

So, just how “awesome” is it?

Here are just a few of the highlighted projects showcased:

Botkit – this bot framework for Node.js provides a ready-to-go, cross-platform framework for implementing rich interactive chat bots. Features threaded conversation handling, support for images and markdown, and even Cisco Jabber bot support

webexteamssdk – a full-featured and well-maintained Python binding for the Webex Teams REST API. Get full control of Webex Teams messaging features (create rooms, send messages, upload files) in a fluent, native Python package.

integration-sample – a server-side Node.JS express sample demonstrating how to use the Webex Teams OAuth2 flow to allow users to login to your app for Webex Teams API access.

Room Finder – sample bot project implements an interactive chat bot for querying and booking meeting rooms via Microsoft Exchange.

Goggles – ‘You See What I See’ remote expert app for augmented reality headsets.

postman-webex – scripted collections make it easy to explore and auto-generate code for the Webex Teams REST API using the Postman REST test tool.

Add your awesome contribution!

If you have a cool or interesting link, tool, or project you’d like to add to the ‘Awesome Webex’ collection, contributions are welcome.

Visit the Webex Teams page on the DevNet website to learn more about what you can do with Webex Team APIs.

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