DevNet Day is now scheduled for June 18. We appreciate your understanding as we paused to focus on current events. We look forward to joining our extended community of developers. Thank you to all who have registered, you’ll receive confirmation shortly. If you have not yet registered, there’s still time to Register Now.

From far above the Las Vegas heat, up in the serene Cisco Collaboration Clouds, we’re excited to bring the highlights of the DevNet Zone to you – online! and with a full-day Cisco Live virtual event!

Learn to build and integrate with Cisco APIs

DevNet Day brings multiple major technology presentation tracks, creative fun, and valuable resources. It’s a great way to keep up-to-date, engaged, and inspired to build and integrate with Cisco APIs.

Now more than ever, Cisco cloud collaboration and Webex are bringing the synergies of high-quality, personal, face-to-face communication to the global work force – safely, securely and more efficiently than ever before. The DevNet Day Collaboration Track is a great time to learn how to leverage this power by integrating and embedding Cisco Webex into your applications. Join us to learn, ask questions of the API experts, and have some fun along the way!

Collaboration track ‘Sneak Peek’

Start Now sessions – Start Developer Day with a high-level ‘view from the cloud’. Two great sessions will give you the vision and the tools you need to start developing Webex apps:

  • Cisco Collaboration – Vision and API possibilities for developers with Jono Luk
  • Collab developer goodies – everything you need to start developing with Cisco collaboration with David Staudt

Anyone beginning to explore the Cloud Collaboration world and catch up on new trends and learning resources is highly encouraged to tune in to these sessions and kick-start their Collaboration journey!

Lightning Talks – Quick, insightful tech-talks bringing you the latest and greatest Collaboration API updates:

  • Webex Devices APIs – New Features and Roadmap with Richard Bayes
  • Latest features and upcoming API road map for Webex Calling with Koushik Ramamurthy

Technical Sessions – Learn from the experts

Take a deep-dive into the APIs and learn how to integrate Cisco Collaboration features from the engineers who wrote the code:

  • Elevating ‘face-to-face’ into the Cisco Collaboration Cloud – Embedding Webex features into web and mobile apps with Adam Weeks
  • Building a Webex Bot Quickly – Hands-On Demo with Phil Bellanti

Register now to attend the virtual event, June 18

Join us as we bring the DevNet Zone to you with our first ever Cisco DevNet Day virtual event! We also have some cool give-aways and challenges for you.

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Can’t wait? Here are Collaboration developer resources to get you started now:

  • Visit Webex for Developers – Find all the Cisco Webex APIs, SDKs, docs and support you need to start coding today
  • Dig in and get your hands on Webex technologies today, for FREE 24×7 access via the DevNet Sandbox, or free trials from Webex Meetings and Webex Teams
  • Whether you’re getting started or need a programming refresher, the Learning Labs get you started with tutorials covering REST APIs, Python, JavaScript, and other engineering technologies and concepts
  • Unleash the capabilities of the new network with DevNet certifications

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