HashiCorp Vault

July 19, 2022


Achieve Webex API OAuth Token Immortality with Vault

8 min read

Webex, with all its collaboration and productivity features, is a powerful platform into-and-of itself. Nonetheless, two key value propositions stand out for enterprise developers - meticulous focus on security, and expansive API capabilities. Here's a step-by-step guide to keeping admin user OAuth access tokens refreshed.

February 4, 2022


Securing Python Code with Cython

2 min read

See the detail for how compiling modules with Cython addresses the challenge of protecting a Python-based codebase.

January 19, 2022


Protecting Secrets / Variables Using HashiCorp Vault Secret Manager

7 min read

See how you can use HashiCorp Vault Secret Manager to securely store API keys, passwords, certificates, and other sensitive data. And how it provides a single source of truth to manage access, and report/audit secrets.

November 10, 2020


Grab a Seat, It’s a DevNet Snack Minute Y’all

1 min read

Join DevNet Developer Advocates, Matt Denapoli and Kareem Iskander, for their short (10-minute), tech-focused episodes, covering technical topics from Cisco APIs to automation. It's a quick, fun way to learn something new each week.