SP Video

Supporting the broadcasting of the future

2 min read

People are consuming more content online, on a growing number of different devices inside and outside the home. Telco’s and Media companies can use a cloud-based video infrastructure to support flexible and innovative ways of providing content.

The revenue opportunity of targeted advertising

2 min read

Updating their video infrastructure makes it possible for telecoms companies to supply the flexible and personalised services that their customers increasingly expect. And the data from an integrated video platform has huge potential to make advertising more effective.

Keeping your edge by delighting customers

2 min read

Telecom and OTT Video business is changing fast. High video quality and intelligent content discovery are two key elements of a great customer experience.

There’s never been a better time to go to ANGA

2 min read

ANGA COM is a great time to meet with Cisco executives and subject matter experts. Our team will be available to meet with you to discuss your current challenges and opportunities.

Developing the Agile Video Services of the Future

2 min read

Telecomn OTT, Mediabroadcaster: Using cloud-based software, it’s simple to launch and refine agile video services.

Seamless viewing in a world of multiple screens

3 min read

The Cisco Infinite Video Platform can enable service providers and OTT video businesses to cater for the complex multi-screen habits of today’s viewers.

Meeting the IP video challenge

2 min read

To succeed in future, Telecom service providers will need technology that can meet increasingly sophisticated customer expectations.