What a great event NAB has been. The opportunity to meet with so many customers and partners really adds another layer to our relationships and helps all of us build better solutions.

A few trends emerged over the past few days, so here are our top three:

IP transformation in media is happening in many areas, and it’s industrialising our industry. We’re seeing organisations take advantage of the scale and efficiency IP networking brings to media operations and how it facilitates new services, for example, with 4K.

Media ecosystem partners are critical to being able to deliver the full benefits of IP transformation. Integrated capabilities from the best vendors in the world allow our customers to create more, great content efficiently and without adding exponential cost.

Automation and AI are driving those efficiencies, freeing up resources by removing everyday tasks, allowing your people to focus more on adding new value to your business.

And for those of you unable to make it to Las Vegas we’ll continue to cover these topics – and many more – in more detail, so please keep reading and following us.

And one more thing – people really like ice cream!


Adam Davies

Technical Leader, Engineering

Service Provider, Video Solutions