Rammesh Rajagopal

Leader | Software Engineering


Rammesh is an accomplished and versatile leader that has over 20 years experience in the IT Industry and has been with Cisco for 20+ years performing multiple roles. Rammesh is the Service Owner for ServiceNow Case Management System and Ecosystem in Cisco. In addition, he also leads the product development of Conversational AI platform built using Cisco's own products. He is a big proponent of Cisco-on-Cisco and built various solutions using Cisco's own products used internally and showcased externally. Rammesh is known for his adaptive, collaborative and inclusive leadership. As a leader, he helps see the big picture and connect the dots. He believes in continuous Innovation with Operational Excellence to improve the Productivity, Efficiency and Speed of the organization and User Experience at the optimal cost. Rammesh did his Bachelors in Engineering from the premier National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, INDIA. He has certifications in Project Management, ITIL, SAFe, AWS and Data Science. Rammesh is the winner of the much-coveted award, “IT Champion” both as a team and as an individual. He also won the “Manager of the Year” award in IT. Within his Org he won the highest, Galaxy Award. Outside Cisco, he won Stevie Awards for the app/team and also recognitions from Pink Elephant, Cognizant etc. He presented in multiple Cisco Live events and also other forums and webinars internally in Cisco and externally.


Operationalizing Objectives to Outcomes

4 min read

Any transformation effort needs an effective way to measure success. "What cannot be measured, cannot be improved" - but identifying and establishing the right metrics is the key to making any meaningful improvement.