Rammesh Rajagopal

Senior Manager, Global IT Services

Rammesh is an accomplished and versatile leader that has over 20 years experience in the IT Industry and has been with Cisco for ~14 years performing multiple roles in the IT Organization.

Rammesh is the Service Owner for Remedy Case Management System in Cisco IT. Remedy is the ticketing system used by all employees and contractors to raise cases for any issues. In addition to managing the current platform, Rammesh is actively working on upgrading the platform to the latest version hosting in Cisco internal Cloud, CITEIS using OpenStack with a scalable architecture for multi-tenants and implementing completely on Agile methodology first time in a large scale. He is actively working on extending this to a long-term strategy and solution for all of Cisco. In addition to this, Rammesh also drives Technology & Innovation for the organization implementing various tools.

Rammesh is the winner of the much-coveted award, “IT Champion” both as a team and as an individual. He also won the “Manager of the Year” award in IT. Within his Org he won the highest, Galaxy Award. He also represented his org to receive Silver and Bronze Awards in both North America Stevie Awards and International Stevie Awards.

Rammesh is known for his adaptive leadership. As a leader, he helps see the big picture and connect the dots. He is a great collaborator and believes in constant Innovation with Operational Excellence to improve the Productivity, Efficiency and Speed of the organization and User Experience at the optimal cost.

Rammesh did his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the premier National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, INDIA in 1993. He also got Associate Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University.


July 15, 2015


Bye-Bye Email. Hello Cisco Spark!

Whatever new technology comes out, it seems that the number of emails we get every day only continues to rise. Well, not everywhere. On my last birthday, I received wishes from 65 sources: 58 from friends through Facebook and the remaining 7 from the financial institutions that I deal with (all automated system notifications). Like […]