Maureen Robbs

Senior Manager, Business Architecture

Digital Experience (DX)

Maureen Robbs leads the Orchestration Architecture team in the Digital Experience group at Cisco. Combining 10 years of digital strategy with data driven insights, she focuses on connecting the optimal, data-driven lifecycle experience. Her team works collaboratively with data scientists, engineers, and analysts, as well as journey strategists to deliver an effective experience that is augmented by machine learning and artificial intelligence. When not working to develop the best experience possible, Maureen is exploring the Colorado mountains snowboarding, backpacking, or rock climbing. She also loves to travel off the beaten path to scuba dive.


Building a transparent Notification Center to Enable Customer Control

4 min read

Personalization is critical to a guided customer experience. It helps build trust, foster relationships, and enables a deeper connection with customers.

Failing Forward – What We Learned at Cisco from a “Failed” Digital Orchestration Pilot

10 min read

After a year-long pilot of an industry-leading orchestration vendor failed, we asked, "How do we fail forward?" As we encountered each challenge, we took a step back and evaluated what we learned and how we could use that to achieve our goals.