March 28, 2017


Cisco Supports Tech Effort to Help Hate Crime Victims

2 min read

Recently I had the chance to see how smart technology, applied to vexing social problems, can help provide solutions and build a better world. Working with the American Bar Association’s Center for Innovation (ABA), we’re deeply engaged in an effort to create a better path for those who believe they’ve been victimized by a hate […]

March 3, 2016


Protecting Innovation: ITC Releases Detailed Ruling and Remedy

2 min read

Today International Trade Commission Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), David Shaw released the 294-page public version of his ruling in  the first of two patent infringement cases involving Arista that Cisco had initiated at the ITC. Today’s ruling follows last week’s publication of his proposed remedies. These important documents lay out the intentional nature of Arista’s […]

August 18, 2015


Protecting Innovation: Update on District Court and ITC Actions

3 min read

Our legal action to stop Arista’s copying and use of Cisco’s intellectual property is proceeding according to schedule. With a number of important procedural steps about to take place, we feel now is a good time to provide an update. Last December we brought two actions in the United States District Court for the Northern […]

January 3, 2012


Silicon Valley Innovation is Built Around Employee Mobility

4 min read

For the sake of our country's competitiveness, I hope we can move beyond non-compete agreements with employees as a policy matter.