Colin Seward

IT Leader, EMEA

Cisco IT

Colin Seward is an IT Leader in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and global lead for the Cisco on Cisco Program. As part of his current role, he is leading work around Sustainability in IT. Prior to his current role Colin was CIO for EMEA and led the Workforce Strategy track as part of the IT Transformation Program. Colin joined Cisco from Accenture in April 2000 and during his career at Cisco he has been the IT Service Owner for several different IT functions including Network Services, End User Computing, Communication and Collaboration, Cloud Productivity Applications and Application Development Colin is a member of the Cisco U.K. and Ireland Board and has been an advisor on various industry forums. He earned his degree and doctorate at Cambridge University in England where he held the Bowyer Buckley Exhibition and was co-founder of a scientific research firm.