This National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Senior Director of Security Brand Marketing at Cisco, Cecilia Correa, shared how she has built a rewarding career in security. Driven by creative collaboration along with a global perspective, Correa is a champion of security’s impact on the world. “The combination of our purpose-driven brand within a category that’s so foundational is what moves me,” she said.

Security touches everything

What led you to say yes to becoming the Senior Director of Brand Marketing at Cisco in security?

Cecilia Correa: Cisco’s mission of powering an inclusive future for all is extremely inspiring. It’s not just words on a slide. It guides all the work that the company does. I was drawn to the opportunity to join the marketing team because Cisco is a brand that matters. A brand that has substance and depth. As a brand marketer, you can’t have a better brief to work from: Cisco built the core infrastructure of the internet and is uniquely positioned to provide cybersecurity that helps organizations stay protected and resilient in our increasingly digital world.

What energizes you about working in security?

Cecilia Correa: With everything and everyone more connected than ever, security matters more than ever. As connectivity increases, so do opportunities for cyber criminals to impact essential infrastructure and even global economics. Threats have shifted to attacks that can and have disrupted healthcare systems, food industries, fuel pipelines, and power grids.

Security is on the priority list of every single client because security is simply critical for them to operate. They need a security platform, not a bunch of cobbled together fixes. Our clients cannot have a resilient supply chain or a resilient workforce without having a resilient infrastructure from a security standpoint to protect their data, to protect their people, to protect their assets. It feels meaningful to work in a category that is so essential and foundational – and to be part of Cisco – a company that can bring its heritage and strengths like no other to innovate and make a difference.

Mission-driven global impact 

What’s the impact of security on the world?

Cecilia Correa: Cisco believes that security is a basic human right that we all must address and that secure, global connectivity is crucial for an equitable planet. Ensuring the safety and security of our shared network is essential to our connected world and collective future.

Why Cisco?

Cecilia Correa: Cisco is uniquely positioned to help make the world safer for all. Our holistic, simplified approach to security sets us apart. We built the core infrastructure of the internet and are one of the most trusted security providers in the world. I love that Cisco is not afraid to stand up for what it believes in – and it’s an organization that cares deeply about its people. It offers a wealth of opportunities for development and enables employees to give back to the communities that they’re in.

A rewarding career awaits

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