Gergana Karadzhova-Dangela

Cisco Talos Incident Response Consultant


Gergana Karadzhova-Dangela (B.Sc in Digital Forensics, CISSP, GCFA) is an Incident Response Consultant at Cisco Talos, based in Switzerland, with a focus on helping customers during a cybersecurity incident. She is part of a global, 24x7 team of responders and threat intelligence analysts who provide technical analysis and coordination support to Cisco Talos retainer customers during an active security breach. In addition, Gergana works with Talos customers to improve their security posture through planned services, such as tabletop exercises, compromise assessment and development of process documentation. She believes each business faces unique challenges in securing its environment based on industry, geography, organizational structure and technology specifics. Gergana enjoys serving as a trusted advisor to customers during their cybersecurity journey, bringing technical expertise and strong customer focus to all her projects.


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