October 17, 2019


RFC 8573: Why Trust in Time Matters for Your Network

6 min read

Your network may use timestamps from a completely untrusted time source within an IP network. RFC 8573 shows how to overcome this.

October 7, 2016


Navigating the Next Leap Second

1 min read

For 27th time since 1972, a leap second is confirmed for 2016. It will take place on December 31 and to ensure our customers have everything they need to know about this upcoming event, Cisco has published an Information Page on Cisco.com. Similar to a leap year, the leap second helps bring our tracking of […]

October 21, 2015


Cisco Identifies Multiple Vulnerabilities in Network Time Protocol daemon (ntpd)

1 min read

Cisco is committed to improving the overall security of the products and services our customers rely on. As part of this commitment, Cisco assesses the security of software components used in our products. Open source software plays a key role in many Cisco products and as a result, ensuring the security of open source software […]