Andrew Benhase

Federal Architect

US Federal

Andrew Benhase has a 31 year Network Security background focused exclusively on data networking communications and security technologies. He has spent the last 25+ years supporting the US Defense and Intelligence communities and is viewed as one of leading Subject Matter Experts both within Cisco and industry. Targeted areas of focus aligns to Defensive Cyber Operations, Tactical Networking designs, US Government Encryption, Military Satellite Communications, Cyber Range Designs and Advanced Quality of Service designs, including survivability over global satellite networks. Andrew has traveled extensively across the globe working with customers in Asia, Americas, Europe and the Middle East. As a Trusted Advisor and Customer Advocate, he believes that customers more closely trust an individual with substantial hands-on, operational expertise. Currently he is the Principal Security Architect and Technology Leader for US Public Sector, focusing primarily on Information Assurance architectures, Advanced Cryptography and security designs for cloud based computing being delivered to the US Defense and Intelligence Sectors. Specific areas of recent technical focus are for developing robust defenses based for Remote Access to Classified Networks and the use of QoS techniques to combat, isolate and help to identify Advanced Persistent Threats to customer networks. In addition to his role as a Technology Leader within the Industry, he also acts as the Defense/Intelligence Program Manager for a number of critical Government programs, as well as the owner for the following: -CSfC SME -DCO/OCO SME -SecureView PM @cisco Andrew has lived in Melbourne, Florida since 1990.


October 17, 2019


RFC 8573: Why Trust in Time Matters for Your Network

6 min read

Your network may use timestamps from a completely untrusted time source within an IP network. RFC 8573 shows how to overcome this.

August 4, 2017


The Hidden Treasure of the Cyber Executive Order

3 min read

Training cyber defenders is harder than it used to be. The president's executive order issued in May seeks to address that.