December 8, 2015


Part 2: Ten Learnings and Observations from the 2015 London Gartner Data Center Conference

2 min read

Last week I attended the 2015 London Gartner Data Center conference. In my first blog (part 1) on this event,  I covered some of my main learnings and...

Modernizing the Grid: Utilities and Data Analytics

4 min read

The electric utilities sector is facing some challenging times as it struggles with a regulatory model designed for an earlier era. As increased renewable integrations into the grid intensify, electric utilities will need to take steps to accommodate the variable output of distributed generation and develop new insights and technologies that will shape the future […]

Incidence Response – Safety, Reliability and Recovery for Industry and Workers

1 min read

Dan O’Malley talks about Cisco Systems offerings that are resonating in the Energy Industry and elsewhere. Cisco helps customers pre-plan for storms and to respond to disasters with sophisticated collaboration and device connectivity enabling technologies. Many new technologies enable worker safety and visibility using 2-way radios, smart devices, and mobile broadband “connecting people and devices […]