Incidence Response – Safety, Reliability and Recovery for Industry and Workers

April 7, 2015 - 6 Comments

Dan O’Malley talks about Cisco Systems offerings that are resonating in the Energy Industry and elsewhere. Cisco helps customers pre-plan for storms and to respond to disasters with sophisticated collaboration and device connectivity enabling technologies.

Many new technologies enable worker safety and visibility using 2-way radios, smart devices, and mobile broadband “connecting people and devices and work crews together smartly over the internet”. In the video Dan talks about the challenges customers face and how Cisco is helping them get ‘positive business outcomes’.

Yes – I know what you mean – what does that really mean? Well, mother nature doesn’t always cooperate, so getting outages dealt with as quickly as possible is one positive outcome. Keeping in touch with workers, especially those in dangerous areas, and warning them if safety issues occur is another. And maybe even having ‘wearable’ biometric devices attached to workers to see how they’re doing physically, and monitoring their vitals in real time by operations centers. That’s another.

Just keeping track of field workers is a challenge – and making best use of a constrained ‘expert pool’ might be another. Some newer ‘millennial’ devices are, of course, part of the architectural approach, but so are traditional two-way radios and other devices – so that everyone can communicate and collaborate to get the job done. And it’s getting the job done that really gives good business outcomes – ask any customer!

So, in the words of Dan:

It’s about smartly connecting people, and devices and work-crews together smartly over the internet. That’s what we do.

…and providing the best business outcomes possible: That’s keeping workers in contact, keeping them safe, and keeping the energy infrastructure up-and-running and minimizing outages, whilst providing great service to their customers. That’s what our energy customers do, helped by Cisco. And we’re proud of that!

Find out more at: Cisco Incident Response and Workforce Enablement for the Utility Industry

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  1. Really interesting article! technology makes everything so easy

    • Thank you Marzuki – there’s a lot of R&D and technical boffin work that goes into making these technologies work and look so simple. I’m not going to take credit for that – the Cisco ‘Brain Trust’ in engineering & R&D does an awesome job! I agree that the technology makes things much easier than they were before in all walks of life, especially in the industrial sector were safety is a key concern.

  2. It’s a very simple and yet important need for Cisco to continue to deliver to its’ clients.

    • BJ – Thank you for your comment – yes, I agree, we are focusing on our customer’s needs, and delivering solutions that lead to successful business outcomes that improve their businesses. Look out for more innovations in the future!