Sergey Sergeev

Engineering Architect

FSO Platform

A seasoned software architect with a dynamic 20-year journey traversing the intricacies of system/network engineering to the creation of cloud-native, real-time, distributed, multi-tenant platforms, I find harmony in mastering the language of computers and humans. When I'm not engrossed in processing petabytes of data, my heart and time are devoted to my free-range kids, our playful dog, and an array of outdoor adventures that span from unicycling and kiteboarding to rock climbing and coaching youth hockey. An aficionado of art house cinema, board games, books, and fire flow arts, my life is a vibrant mosaic of tech wizardry, active parenting, community engagement, and life's simplest yet richest pleasures, nested in the beautiful corners of Belmont, California.


September 5, 2023


Taming AI Frontiers with Cisco Observability Platform

4 min read

Troubleshooting distributed, resource intensive Generative AI or Large Language Model applications can be daunting. Cisco Cloud Native Application Observability on Cisco FSO Platform gives you the power to correlate data with full-stack context across domains and data types.