karin surber

September 10, 2021


Interested in business growth? Demo & Office Use Hardware and Software can do just that

When partners have demo capabilities and use Cisco products and services internally, they develop better solution expertise and are more effective sellers. They have firsthand knowledge of the features and functionality but also can personally speak to the business impact. As a result, these partners close more deals and grow more quickly.

November 9, 2020


Cisco’s New Simplified Deal Registration: What You Need to Know!

We are introducing a new simplified, single guided deal registration experience that will streamline the entire process for you. This new experience skillfully guides you to the best possible pricing and speeds up the whole process. So, what does all this mean for you?

September 3, 2020


Cisco’s New and Improved Seller Rewards Program

The Seller Rewards Program rewards Cisco Partner Companies for their employees selling Cisco products or completing various challenges designed to improve sales skills or knowledge of Cisco Products. Seller’s earn “Points” which can be redeemed for hundreds of thousands of name-brand merchandise, gift cards or even cool excursions.

July 28, 2016


Putting the Power of Disruption to Work for You

Most of us think of the word “disruption” as being negative. For instance, we get a late night phone call and our sleep is disrupted. Or we’re driving home from work and hit a traffic jam and our commute is disrupted. Whenever we’re comfortable and have a common routine that gets interrupted, it makes us […]

June 13, 2016


Motivating Sales Teams: 5 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated

Motivating Sales Teams:  5 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated Working in a sales role can be extremely gratifying when things are going well. But let’s face it, when you throw in a few customer issues, missed deals or product availability problems in the mix, things can go south quickly. Keeping morale up during […]

March 31, 2016


How Good Are YOUR Leadership Skills?

Great leaders inspire us. They create exciting new visions. They push us to do things we might not have tried before. During times of crisis, they think and act creatively to solve problems. Leaders aren’t just needed in business but in all areas of life: family, friends, neighborhood, social circles etc.  Sometimes a leader is […]

December 17, 2015


Create an Attitude of Gratitude: Not Just for the Holiday Season

Most of us get into the holiday spirit this time of year. Time spent with friends and family, gift giving and reflecting on our many blessings creates a positive glow for the majority. But that feeling of gratitude doesn’t have to start and end with the holidays. And it can have a really profound impact […]

September 23, 2015


Invest In Yourself to Get the Greatest Returns

The gift of education is the gift that keeps on giving. Getting your higher education degree is a critical element of success for most professionals these days. But education shouldn’t stop with your college experience. Ongoing training is also necessary to maintain your competitive edge. This is especially true for sales professionals who act as […]

August 31, 2015


Are You Ready for a Fresh New Start? Take a Step Back for Maximum Impact

As summer comes to a close, many of us have kids who are returning to school with shiny new shoes and eager smiles. After a few months off, their minds are ready for the new school year and are open to learning again. Or if you have a high-schooler like me, they may not be […]