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Cisco Tactical Operations: Meet team member Matt Altman

At times of crisis, the Cisco Tactical Operations (TacOps) team provides technology and expertise. Matt Altman is one of the TacOps team members on the ground. Here are three things you need to know about him.

From a Conscious Culture to an Inclusive Future: A message from EVP and Chief People Officer Francine Katsoudas

Cisco Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer Francine Katsoudas explains in our latest Impact Report how corporate social responsibility connects to Cisco’s commitment to a Conscious Culture.

Cisco funds innovative research to address technology challenges of the pandemic

Wanting to step up to the challenge of pandemic preparedness, Cisco Research solicited research proposals that address both the science and technology aspects of problems around the detection, mitigation, and analysis of COVID-19.

Powering an Inclusive Future: A message from CEO Chuck Robbins

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins explains in our latest Impact Report how corporate social responsibility connects to Cisco’s overall business strategy of using technology for good to provide opportunity for all.

December 9, 2020


Powering an inclusive future through corporate social responsibility

Our 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Impact Report details our progress toward powering a more inclusive future for people, communities, and the planet.

Cisco’s Sustainability Speaker Series focuses on environmental justice

We hosted the second part to Cisco’s annual sustainability speaker series for Cisco employees and contractors, called SustainX. This second part focused entirely on environmental justice.

People Behind CSR at Cisco: Dedicated to giving back

As a Community Impact Manager at Cisco, Ajay Gopal is dedicated to giving back, supported by the belief that businesses can be a force for good. His continued leadership reflects his convictions within Cisco’s approach to CSR.

Solving the mental healthcare access problem with Modern Health

This year, we’ve faced simultaneous crises impacting our daily lives—COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment, racial injustices, natural disasters, and divisive politics. All of which have taken their toll on the mental health of many. But mental healthcare is still surprisingly hard to access.

Pushing boundaries: AI and solar mobile chillers keep it fresh and cool

Savanna Circuit Tech pinpointed an area of inequality and lost profit, and created a solution that allows field agents and women dairy producers to easily collect payments for delivered milk and access the credit facility, based on our AI-enabled credit scoring feature.