Helping our communities

Together we can make an impact: How a beach clean-up united a community

Cisco's Catarina Pereira shares more about her favorite beach clean-up, and how environmental activities can bring communities together.

An open letter to all who seek safety

A member of Cisco Crisis Response shares his perspective on why we must support refugees everyday, not just this World Refugee Day.

Cisco Green Team Network: Protecting our planet starts with us

Muthu shares more about the Cisco Green Team Network, an ERO that envisions a more environmentally sustainable business and world.

People Behind CSR at Cisco: How JJ Cummings protects people in Ukraine from cyberthreats

In this People Behind CSR at Cisco profile, learn more about JJ Cummings. He leads a group within Cisco Talos that is helping people in Ukraine.

E-Flex: The role of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology in a sustainable future

E-Flex is a demo program that tests vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, a sustainable solution that frees up energy for other needs.

New Teacher Center: A more authentic approach to teacher appreciation

New Teacher Center's Interim Co-CEO & Chief Operating Officer, Arthur Mills IV, shares how education helps create an inclusive future.

How Cisco inspires a network for good

Fernando sheds a light on how Cisco employees and partner organizations are making a difference in local communities in Colombia.