Helping our communities

Stepping in together to help the children of Lebanon

Cisco engineer, Maha Akkari, shares one of her favorite and recent Cisco community initiatives. It is the story of a 1,000-pair shoe donation that evolved into a nationwide 52,000-pair shoe distribution – in only a year!

One entrepreneur’s search for a BrightSign leads to a life-changing invention

This blog post comes from Hadeel Ayoub, a London-based designer, programmer, and researcher in human computer interactions. Hadeel is the Founder and CEO of BrightSign and the inventor of a smart glove that assists people with hearing impairments to sign and translate with others.

Choose to challenge: How investing in women strengthens families and communities

This year's theme for International Women's Day is "choose to challenge," which encourages every one of us to call out gender bias and inequality, and to seek out and celebrate women's achievements. In honor of this day, we share the stories of four women in different parts of the world, to see how investing in their work helped strengthen their communities.

How Cisco addresses critical human needs and crisis response

As long as humanitarian crises disproportionately affect the most vulnerable members of society, there cannot be an Inclusive Future for all. Similarly, the promise of a digital economy—where connectivity unleashes new possibilities for creativity and innovation—cannot be realized until people’s basic needs for food, clean water, and adequate shelter are met.

Technology: The pathway to financial inclusion

Grace Wong, the Founder of Liven, Australia's biggest loyalty-based payment network and the first platform to “gamify” payments in the offline world, shares how she uses technology to change the world.

The social justice of education: An interview with the CEO of New Teacher Center

New Teacher Center (NTC) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving student learning for systemically underserved students by increasing educator effectiveness. Dr. Blackburn, CEO of NTC, recently talked to us about the link between social justice and education and shared how his organization supports educators who serve students with the highest needs.

Mercy Corps reports on year three of Technology for Impact partnership with Cisco

Technology for Impact is a 5-year collaboration between Mercy Corps and Cisco to unlock new possibilities and reach more people through the power of technology. Our combined vision is to work toward a world of digital inclusion and opportunity, where the ethical use of technology empowers secure, productive, and just communities.

More than words: A discussion with Shari Slate, Cisco’s Chief Inclusion and Collaboration Officer

Cisco's Chief Inclusion and Collaboration Officer, Shari Slate, leads a conversation about Cisco’s Social Justice Beliefs and Our Commitment to Action.

A purpose that includes everyone: A conversation with Cisco’s SVP of Corporate Affairs Tae Yoo

Cisco's Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Tae Yoo, explains in our latest Impact Report how corporate social responsibility connects to our new purpose to power an Inclusive Future for all.