Joseph Harrison

Operations Coordinator

Cisco Crisis Response

Joseph Harrison currently coordinates operations for Cisco Crisis Response, a lean team of emergency management specialists that connects communities in crisis. Joseph collaborates with network engineers and solutions architects to develop and deploy communications solutions during disasters, throughout the U.S. and across the globe. Prior to joining Cisco, Joseph dedicated ten years to international humanitarian medical aid NGO, Direct Relief, where he managed programs focused on delivering critically needed medicines and medical supplies to communities impacted by natural disasters and civil unrest. He craves adventure, thrives on good conversation, and can usually crush the NY Times’ Monday crossword puzzle in under 20 minutes (Tues-Sun is a different story). He looks forward to learning something new every day.


Preparedness is the key: training with the Crisis Response Community

5 min read

Cisco employee volunteers talk about their experience with hands-on disaster response training, and how they combine their passion for service with both technical and non-technical skills to create connectivity in crisis conditions.