Transformational Tech

picoCTF: How gamified cybersecurity piques curiosity in STEM

Created by Carnegie Mellon University’s Cylab, picoCTF encourages interest in cybersecurity with a capture the flag game.

One Acre Fund: How a mobile app prepares smallholder farmers for a successful harvest

With the support of Cisco’s Global Impact Grant program, One Acre Fund developed a mobile app to help smallholder farmers.

How Cisco data scientists helped CommonLit innovate teacher feedback for better learning

Cisco data scientists volunteering with AI for Good collaborated with nonprofit CommonLit to improve a feedback tool.

How CareerVillage is democratizing access to career information for underrepresented youth

CareerVillage is on a mission to democratize access to career information. Over 6 million people have used the platform so far.

NESsT: Connecting refugees with sustainable employment

Cisco social impact grants have supported multiple NESsT initiatives, including establishing a NESsT Refugee Employment Initiative.

KoboToolbox: Transforming humanitarian work through voice capture and translation

The creators of KoboToolbox are developing a new audio recording and translation technology, helping humanitarians better collect data.

How this IoT device from charity: water could advance water access for billions

With billions of people around the world relying on hand pumps to get water, nonprofit charity: water developed a device to create more access.

How Opportunity International empowers financial inclusion through digital banking

Opportunity International continues to widen their reach and deepen their impact to empower people living in poverty to build resilience and economic security.